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Edmond and Edith Filliette
The Society of Saint Mary Magdalene

In July 1979, a humble woman, Edith Filliette, began the Society devoted to St. Mary Magdalene.  She had traveled to Provence, France and became convinced of the necessity of spreading devotion to St. Mary Magdalene.  This new society was approved by the Dominicans in France, who are the guardians of the relics of our beloved Saint.

The Society, registered in Massachusetts in 1980, and was approved by Cardinal Medeiros in Boston on July 22, 1981.  Mrs. Filliette was accepted into the Third Order of the Dominicans Province of Toulouse, France on March 10, 1981, under the chosen name Sister Myriam.

The original objective of the Society was to spread devotion to St. Mary Magdalene and support the institutions under her patronage.   Masses, Triduums, Novenas and Prayers were offered for the patrons of the Society at the tomb of St. Mary Magdalene in St. Maximin and her Grotto.  It was also arranged to have masses celebrated at Lourdes, Rome or Jerusalem.  Sister Myriam began to answer each letter individually.  Her concern was to care for, cheer, comfort and to convert in all of her correspondence.  She spread the Word of Christ's peace into men's hearts.  The fruit of her prayers and writings was the formation of Christians through the prayerful hands of St. Mary Magdalene.

The Society moved to South Carolina in 1986, where Edith and her husband Edmond continued their missionary work.  Edith became ill in April of 1988 and died of terminal cancer in the same year.  Her husband  continued the Society in spite of his advanced age until forced by his poor health to entrust it to others. Edmond joined his beloved Edith in 2003.  His love, duty and devotion to his wife and to the Society of St. Mary Magdalene were exemplary.  We praise the good Lord for the journey of the Society and pray for His protective hand throughout the rest of the journey.  Surely just as He foretold that her story would be forever proclaimed, He will continue to bless the Society here in the United States.  In 2001, the Society moved to Florida to continue its work.